VISPAS CHISINAU – Platinum Banquet Hall

VISPAS CHISINAU – Platinum Banquet Hall

Platinum Banquet Hall

Is specially designed for quiet romantic events. The room is decorated with decorative candles, curtains, and blinds blackout. The hall seats 35 people, providing a warm atmosphere and a refined atmosphere, corresponding to any event. We offer you the possibility to choose the way you want to decorate the place. There is a spacious dance floor in the hall especially for those who are able to entertain.

The room is air-conditioned, so that it retains the ideal temperature, ensuring a comfortable stay. Also, you can choose this or that lighting option.

The hall also has an exit to the complex’s terrace, decorated with comfortable furniture, where you can quietly chat or drink a cup of tea and just relax, enjoying the fresh air from outside.


Republic of Moldova
Lapushnianu, 26